Amzco Surgical Devices

Amzco is a supplier of medical surgery equipment for emergency situations in Asia, Africa, South America. The company serviced to UNFPA and equipped Child Health Care (MCH Kits) for about 6000 Portable Kits to Bangladesh and about 200 sets to Vietnam. Among Amzco main services and projects, worth mentioning are the assistance to UNFPA with no scalpel vasectomy instruments and several collaboration with USAID projects such as the supply of tents in Ethiopia, the manufacturing of norplant insertion for a Family Planning program, the furnishing of hospitals and healthcare clinics in Jordan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Honduras, El Salvador and more. Recently Amzco/Zams furnished about 4500 International Revenue Service (USA) offices for Disaster Relief PreparednessKit. Main Amzco/Zams products feature medical kits, first aid kits, portable water purifiers, portable autoclaves, sterilizers.

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