ContenO is a Belgian company founded in 2009 and specialised in Mobile Bottling Plants (MBP) for PET bottles.

    We offer alternatives for drinkable water distribution for Emergency Relief and Prevention, by allowing water to be bottled on site. Our MBP’s are fit in a standard 20ft or 40ft container allowing easy transport. The containers are food grade finished and operate on a plug-and-play basis for easy, fast and reliable output. We can bottle up to 1,200 bottles per hour, providing approx. 10,000 litres of bottled water per day. Distribution can be organised with normal trucks, vans or pick-ups available in the country, rather than using sanitised purpose-built water transport trucks.

  • AquaDrop


    Unique solution to bring packed water to any place in the world within 24 hours…

    • Individual portions of drinkable water packs until 1 liter
    • To be dropped by transport aircraft, type C130
    • Unique solution for immediate disaster relief, worldwide

    A C130 drops 18.000 pouches of 1 liter in few seconds

    • Individual portions of drinkable water dropped above disaster zone
    • Package is developed to fall very slowly
    • When hitting ground, no package damaged, no people hurt !
    • 18 ton of packed water inside C130 transport aircraft
    • Droppable from any height until 3 km
  • AquaTrailer


    All in one: Mobile Water Purification & Packaging System

    A solution within 2 days.

    The AquaTrailer, a complete solution, mounted on a mobile trailer to purify contaminated water and to pack it.

    Local water is often polluted. Often difficult to know what is inside the water, so ContenO developed a system to make the water safe to drink: a combination of clever water purification technologies on one trailer, which operates fully autonomous.

    After purifying, the water can be packed for storage or distribution. That is why our water purification system can be equipped with a packaging solution: plastic packs from 0.2 till 1.2 liter content.

    The AquaTrailer is fast and easy to transport.

    AquaTrailer PUR. This compact water purification unit has the capacity to produce up to 50,000 liters of drinking water per day.

    AquaTrailer PUR-PACK. The purification unit can be combined with a packaging system in plastic pack: all in one ! This compact unit can produce up to 25,000 liters of drinking water per day, immediately in plastic packs. Full security The systems are equipped with an extensive pre-filtration system for muddy water. An automatic water control unit at in- and outlet determines whether the Reverse Osmosis Filtration unit is needed (to eliminate dissolved solids such as metals or salts).

    • Model 1: for raw water (river, lake, well)
    • Model 2: for brackish water (floods…)
    • Model 3: for sea water (Reverse osmosis solution)

    Unique concept More advantages His low energy consumption, small dimensions, and light weight makes the AquaTrailer highly mobile and usable in almost any conditions worldwide.

    • Fully automated system
    • Easy to operate
    • Closed box concept: Insulated against dust and extreme weather conditions
  • AquaContainer


    A complete bottling factory, inside an ISO container.

    ContenO has built its Smart Mobile Water Bottling Plant inside an ISO-standardised container as an integrated production factory.

    ContenO has developed two types of AquaContainer: The ContenO AquaContainer plant is designed to meet the strictest IBWA and FDA regulations. PET bottle factories for safe water capacities varying between 10,000 litres a day up to 100,000 litres a day. PET bottle sizes vary between 0.2 to 10 litres.

    • AquaContainer: Mobile Water Bottling Plant.
    • AquaContainer + purification system : Mobile Water Bottling Plant with integrated purification system.

    Upon customer’s request, the AquaContainer Water Bottling Plants can be built with integrated purification system and have standard dedicated generator and compressors on board allowing to operate these factories regardless the availability of local power sources and at any location worldwide.

    Water bottling is only one application. Also other products are possible e.g. edible oils, carbonized water, soft drinks, juices, gels, liquid soaps etc…

    • Production up to 36,000 liters per day for the 20ft AquaContainer and up to 100,000 liters in a 40ft AquaContainer
    • Inside standard ISO 20 ft or 40 ft container.
    • Equipped with 2 separate rooms.
  • AquaVillage


    The Aquavillage provides a complete mobile village, particularly suited for remote towns and refugee camps.

    Safe water has always been a problem in many place caused by natural disasters, political crisis or economical issues.

    Most of the water is collected from stagnant ponds, marshes or ditches are contaminated with parasites and bacteria.

    Unsafe water frequently kills people for the reason that their bodies aren’t strong enough to fight diarrhea, dysentery, and other water-borne disease.

    The Aquavillage provides a complete ISO mobile village from purification until storage passing by packaging to provide drinkable water for people who need it and can easily be placed for short time as long term.

    With a massive production of 4,000 pouches per hour, the aquavillage is a good solution for big needs. The Aquavillage is fully independent with diesel generator.

  • Mobile Water Bottling Plant

    ContenO produces containerized mini factories (Mobile Water Bottling Plants) with packaging lines for almost any liquid, semi liquid and solids at any location worldwide.

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