Object: manufacture, reconstruction, assembly, conversion of light and heavy passenger vehicles, goods transport and special vehicles, import, export and trade of light and heavy vehicles, new or used, its parts and accessories and medical emergency medical devices. The vision of Futurvida is to be a global reference in the automotive conversion industry in the area of medical emergency, patient transportation and human safety, recognized in terms of quality, design and price. The mission of Futurvida is to contribute excellence and technology to the success of those who work in the area of medical emergency saving human lives, those who make transportation their instrument of work and the security forces that ensure the safety and protection of us all.

    The creation of the company resulted from the experience of Delfina Lisboa Cunha, in the
    pre-hospital and emergency medical area. Deep knowledge of the national market,
    manufacturing companies and transformed vehicles has introduced in this market,
    technologically advanced products, innovative and of superior quality. The consolidation of the
    company's growth results from the criteria of selection and training of human resources and that
    characterizes its activity in several domains and the corporate culture based on competence,
    professionalism, ethics, and values.
    In 2014 is to highlight the company's ISO 9001 certification which has long been pursued and the
    contract for the conversion of 75 ambulances for National Institute of Emergency Medicine. This
    contract resulted from the trust and recognition of the company in the national market.
    Also in that same year in November, a change is made to the corporate structure, with the
    reinforcement of the share of the partner Delfina Lisboa Cunha, with the new partner Adalberto
    Correia Póvoa and the departure of partner Adelino Lisboa Cunha.
    In the year of 2015, we get the certification of Ambulances Type B according to EN1789:2007+A2,
    giving the company another competitive crucial advantage towards the objectives of Futurvida.
    The year 2016 comes with the creation of the National Technical Commission of "Systems for
    emergency and patient transportation", CT201, driven by Futurvida and with a representation of
    sector entities.
    As a way of responding to customers' requests and encouraging proximity to them, Futurvida has
    extended its territorial coverage with the opening of facilities in Lisbon.
    The recognized quality, innovation and robustness in the conversion of special vehicles, gives
    Futurvida a position of prominence and recognition in the sector.
    The strategic changes introduced by the reformulated management in late 2014, foster the
    growth of activity, combined with the appreciation of the strict management of resources,
    continuous improvement in customer service, expansion and approach to other markets.
    However, in order to achieve these objectives, the company, immediately identified the need to
    work in an industrial unit that in itself generates productive efficiencies, to make new
    investments, either in qualified human resources or in the acquisition of equipment capable of
    responding to these designs with a high level of quality and fast response.
    The support that this new vision has deserved from the various partners, but above all, the
    passion sharing of its employees and the cooperative attitude with the decisions are an
    invigorating stimulus for the projects that anticipate.
    Futurvida’s main objective is to engage in an efficient, responsible and profitable business whose
    vision is to become a key player in the Region and worldwide, providing total solutions to spur
    economic growth. The Company aims at living true to its mission in the entire Region´s Growth
    irrespective of the unique challenges, which include years of Political and Social conflict, that
    some of the countries in the region are recovering from.
    Combining quality and reliability, its momentum is mirrored in the economic and financial results
    and ongoing innovation efforts, bearing in mind the maximization of customer satisfaction.

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